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While I travel between Canada and Jamaica, most of my family still lives in Treasure Beach, one of the few original families remaining.  My Grandma was born just  20 feet away our villa, an interesting fact I learned after we purchased this house!!! Debroah O. 

I grew up being called Matt but in Jamaica, everyone calls me Matthew in the most endearing way possible.  I'm lucky my nick name is close to my real name.  Until you go, you'll never know what Jamaican nick name you will get.  Matthew O.


Two of my favorite things, music and sunshine, were combined into an amazing trip to Jamaica last year.  During that trip I was introduced to Treasure Beach and less than a year later, I am blessed to own a little portion of this part of the world. What a difference a year makes :) Shani F.

It's always been my dream to own a property in the country I spent my childhood, sweet sweet Jamaica. Treasure Beach reminds me of all tings good about Jamaica; the sea, the music, food and the people. I'm even more excited to share my favorite memories of Jamaica with you. Delano F.

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