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Retreats & Workshops

Yoga on the Beach
Waterside Women
At Seaside Villa you will have exclusive access to the entire property.  This means you can build an intimate and powerful retreat for your clients. With 7 bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, a pool, a beach and friendly community, there are many variations to serve and make an impact in one of the most beautiful islands on earth.  
As business owners ourselves, we are happy to work with you to build something special for you and your clients.  Every retreat package comes with a housekeeper, a cook, a groundskeeper and so much more. All prices are in US currency. 
While almost every business can host a retreat, some popular options include:

Need more info?

Lean how to grow your business with a retreat and all the ways we can help you organize it!

  • Health and Wellness

  • Yoga

  • Healthy Eating Classes

  • Personal Development 

  • Couples Retreats

  • Vegan Cuisine

  • Photography

  • Artist Workshops

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