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One House One Generous Layout

Common Areas

Our Living Spaces are exactly what you need to feel at home while on vacation. With breezy archways and ample space, you'll be able to relax and make the most of your trip. Enjoy the feeling of ownership with a large kitchen, 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, balconies and terraces – all at your disposal. The only problem you'll have is wanting to leave!


Seaside Villa offers 7 bedrooms, each uniquely decorated to provide a relaxing atmosphere.

Enjoy the luxury of having your own bathroom and the convenience of air conditioning in every bedroom. Our rooms are designed to provide the perfect balance of relaxation and sophistication. Book your stay and experience the ultimate in comfort and style.



Twin + Twin

Double + Double





Our backyard is the perfect place to unwind and soak up some sun. With a gazebo for shade and comfortable seating, you can relax and enjoy the laid back vibes. Lounge by the pool, read a book, or simply take a nap in the warm sunshine. Our beachy backyard is the ultimate escape for those seeking a private and exclusive experience during their vacation.

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